Stegostoma fasciatum Herman 1783
leopard shark, zebra shark
Stegostoma fasciatum, leopard shark

family Stegostomatidae

Leopard sharks are summer visitors to Julian Rocks, generally when the water temperature is above 22°C. They are usually seen in swimming in mid-water or sometimes resting on the bottom, and seem friendly towards divers. Adult leopard sharks are unmistakable. They are yellow-brown with dark spots. They have ridges along their flanks and have large, distinctive tails.Juveniles have striped markings and so this species is also known as a zebra shark Leopard sharks lay dark egg cases, about 15cms long, which are attached, by fibres, to the sea floor. Leopard sharks feed on crustaceans, molluscs and small fish.

Distribution =   Indo-Pacific
Max size =   3m