Ceratosoma magnificum (Eliot, 1910)   Ceratosoma flavicostatum (Baba, 1940)

Ceratosoma magnificum, Ceratosoma flavicostatum

sub-classs Opisthobranchia > order Nudibranchia > sub-order Doridina > family Chromodorididae

This nudibranch is undoubtedly magnificent, and easily recognised by its large size and striking patterns. Ceratosoma magnificum is found on rocky reefs and eats sponges. It lays purple or pale blue egg ribbons. It is known by a variety of names including Miamira magnifica, Ceratosoma magnificum (Nudipixel & "Undersea Jewels") and Ceratosoma flavicostatum (SSF & Nudibranch Encyclopedia)

Distribution =   Indo-Pacific
Max size =  at least 85mm

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