Cardinalfishes family Apogonidaeidae

Cardinalfishes are a large family of around 250 species, about half of which are found in Australian waters.
They usually have separate angular dorsal fins, a distinctive body shape and big eyes. Cardinalfish are usually less than 15cms long and generally occur around reefs and in large schools, often in shallow water.
Cardinalfishes, mainly eat small invertebrates, some eat smaller fish.
Cardinalfishes brood their eggs in their mouths. This is usually done by the males, but in some species, by both sexes. In at least one species the young are kept in the parent's mouth for a few days after hatching.

Apogon aureus, ring-tail cardinalfish
Apogon capricornis, capricorn cardinalfish Apogon properuptus, southern orange-lined cardinalfish
Apogon limenus, Sydney cardinalfish Apogon nigrofasciatus, black striped cardinalfish
family Malacanthidae
Malacanthus brevirostris, flagtail blanquillo Malacanthus latovittatus, blue blanquillo  
family Echinidae
Echeneis naucrates, remora,  slender suckerfish   Gnathodentex aureolineatus
family Lethrinidae
Lethrinus miniatus, red throated emperor Monotaxis grandoculis, humpnose big-eye sea bream
family Chironemidae
Chironemus marmoratus, kelpfish    
family Rachycentridae
Rachycentron canadum, cobia, black kingfish