Morray Eels
family Muianidae

Moray Eels have a single well developed dorsal fin which goes from the head, around the tail to the anus, but have no pectoral fins. They swim by flexing the whole body in waves.

All morays are carnivorous, and they have a very good sense of smell.

The life cycle of all eels includes a planktonic larval phase

GymnothoraxPrasinus White-eyed Moray, Siderea thyrsoidea Giant Moray, Gymnothorax javanicus
Gymnothorax favagineus, laced moray, tessellate moray, honeycomb moray Gymnothorax chilospilus, lipspot moray Gymnothorax eurostus, Abbott's moray, gold spotted moray
Echidna nebulosa Gymnomuraena zebra, zebra eel  
Snake Eels
family Ophichthidae
Myrichthys colubrinus, harlequin snake eel, banded snake eel    
family Plotosidae
Plotosus lineatus, striped catfish    
family Gobiesocidae
Cochleoceps orientalis, eastern cleaner-clingfish Lepadichthys lineata, Discotrema lineata, double line clingfish Aspasmogaster costata, eastern clingfish, pink clingfish
Sergent Bakers
& Lizardfish
order Aulophiiformes
Aulopus purpurissatus, sergeant baker Synodus rubromarginatus, red-marbled lizardfish Synodus jaculum, Lighthouse lizardfish, tailspot lizardfish