Social interactions

Black Cod, Epinephelus daemelli,
The Black Cod is usually found alone.
Valenciennea strigata, golden-head sleeper goby, blue-band goby, pennant glider
Golden-headed Sleeper Gobies are almost always found in pairs.
Batfish, Platax teira
Batfish are usually found in small groups.
Black-tipped Bullseye, Pempheris affinis
Bullseyes are found in large dense schools, often forming curtains agains rocks.


Most animals don't take much notice of divers, they just go about their business. There are two notable exceptions. Leopard Sharks and particularly Blue Gropers seem to enjoy the company of divers. Blue Gropers will follow divers around closely and when they stop to take photos the Blue Gropers will push their way in. Perhaps this is a memory from when divers used to crack open sea urchins for them. There is a story that a Blue Groper made his wishes clear to uncooperative diver by picking up a sea-urchin spine and tapping it on the divers mask.


Anemonefish are famous for living in close association with anemones
These Humbugs are almost always found living in coral.
The tiny juvenile Yellow Boxfish are usually found hiding among sea urchin spines.
Shrimp also seek the protection of sea urchins.